BRESSER Ambition Archery Laser Rangefinder - LR-ARCH

In archery, knowing the distance to your target is crucial. However, getting the precision measurements you need solely by dead reckoning and peripheral devices can be tedious and cumbersome when that huge buck is always on the lookout for movement. The BRESSER Ambition Archery Laser Rangefinder is a bow-mounted devise that works with a compound bow or cross bow’s existing sight/scope to provide archer’s the accuracy that can truly make a difference in the field or at the range.

This lightweight rangefinder can be easily mounted on most modern compound bows and crossbows and has three axes of adjustment for proper positioning. It can accurately measure reflective targets up to 100 yards and show those calculations on an OLED display that can be easily read without disengaging the bow. As an added benefit, it has a scan mode that is constantly active to keep you fully aware of distances to potential targets.

Comes with a lens cleaning cloth and a microfiber bag for transport and storage.

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